We help you plan for life transitions

As you shift from full-time work to retirement, you’ll need a plan that reflects the transition from building to using your wealth. In each exciting next phase of your life, you’ll have many financial opportunities—and you’ll face important decisions about how to proceed. And to make the most of these opportunities, you’ll need a knowledgeable, reliable team on your side. Kevin Garrett and his team have helped many families through the financial complexities of life. He’ll help you develop a customized strategy designed to achieve your most important goals and maximize your potential for a comfortable future.


Kevin Garrett

Lesley Hatfield
Partner / Director of Business Development



Karen Cooke
Operations Manager

Carmen Schuck
Administrative Assistant

Kim Powers
Administrative Assistant

Dana Wilson
Administrative Assistant

Tom Sheeley
Client Service Associate



Heather Hawthorne
Director of Marketing

Alyssa Alves
Marketing Associate


Investment Solutions/Trading

Brice Silver
Trading Associate

Juval Pryce
Trading Associate

Peyton Prince
Trading Associate



Crystal Epstein
Director of Trading Operations/ Compliance Principal

Ron Wrenn
Chief Compliance Officer

Laurel Resendez
Director of RIA Compliance