Karen Cooke

Operations Manager

Karen started working with IFG advisors in 1998 and formally managed Operations and Human Resources for the Consortium since its inception in 2003. In addition, she runs IFG’s Virtual Assistant Program, which supports advisor members and oversees the firm’s bookkeeping and financials. Her positive, calm approach to IFG’s day-to-day operations makes her an essential part of the Brain Trust.

In addition to her daily functions, she works closely with both Don Patrick and Land Bridgers to establish and maintain open, friendly lines of communication between IFG, advisors, and their assistants. In addition, Karen is in charge of the advisor onboarding process, working closely with new members to set up offices for Housed Advisors, coordinate IT between the firm and LPL Tech Support, manage HR/Payroll and Group Benefits and manage account transactions.

Outside the office, Karen is a passionate volunteer with several nursing homes and community services organizations, the Federal Penitentiary of Atlanta, and the Personal and Religious Liberty Ministries in her church. In addition, she likes to read, travel, and spend quality time with family and friends. Karen and her husband, Charles, were married in 2016.


  • Operations & Human Resources Management
  • Group Benefits Administration & Management
  • Bookkeeping & Payroll Management
  • Administrative Support Management


  • Diploma in Human Resource Development
  • Certificate in Office Administration
  • BS in Psychology
    • Specialization: Christian Counseling
    • Specialization: Crisis Counseling