A lot of our clients are determined women who want to take control of their financial affairs. Most have depended on others to manage their financial affairs, but life events have put them in the driver’s seat. While they are smart and savvy, many of these women realize they lack the confidence and knowledge to make the necessary and important financial decisions. These women need and want more than just investment advice. They realize they need an advisor who can ease their fears, help them rebuild their sense of confidence and work with them towards their financial future.

And do you know what is interesting? It doesn’t matter their circumstances, for some, it is divorce or death of a partner, or perhaps a job or career change. they typically come to us with the same concerns:

  • Will I be OK?
  • How do I make sure I have sufficient income?
  • Who can I trust and help me move forward?

So we partner with them to:

  • Create their Life by Design Plan that provides clear direction encouraging a greater sense of independence and confidence in their financial future
  • Design their Balanced Investment Strategy delicately balancing your need for income with the necessary growth potential. This helps create clarity
  • They become a member of our Engaging Women’s Program, which provides a proactive process and educational opportunities to become actively engaged in your financial future


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