Heather Hawthorne

Director of Marketing

Heather Hawthorne has been putting words in people’s mouths for years. This cheeky, presumptive talent led Heather to launch her own business – wordSTUDIO – in January 2011. She subsequently uncovered a niche writing tight, original copy for clients in the financial planning, executive leadership, personal wellness, and technology industries in Metro Atlanta.

In October 2018, Heather was hired as the Director of Marketing for Integrated Financial Group (IFG), having proven her command of branding, copywriting, and content marketing for independent financial planners. In January 2019, Heather launched the STUDiO at IFG, a boutique marketing firm working exclusively with IFG’s advisor members to define, refine and grow their businesses. Heather and her team work together to foster IFG’s culture, spearhead marketing initiatives, and manage its brand.

People say Heather can choose words that describe things perfectly; insiders call her wordsmithery ‘pixie dust’. She advocates for excellence, working closely with advisors to distinguish their brands with engaging content that drives growth.

When she’s not working or wrangling her teenagers, you can find Heather out exploring Atlanta’s jazz scene and hanging with friends. Proudly Canadian and soulfully Southern, Heather’s other loves include wine, kindness, the Lowcountry, Jack Russells, thrift stores, and people who think for themselves.


  • Brand Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design


  • BA. Journalism and Mass Communications, Advertising, University of South Carolina