The tax and legal issues around stock options can be complex. A client’s stock options can represent 80% to 90% of their net worth, but if they are unvested or unexercised, extracting this value takes a great deal of planning. We have experience helping employees and business owners maximize their stock option value for years.

Let's schedule a call to help you with answers to your questions around stock options. We have conversations regularly covering these topics and many more:

  • How your income may impact how valuable your incentive stock options may be
  • How your cash flow may be impacted by a qualifying or a disqualifying disposition
  • How your after-tax value may be impacted by a fluctuating stock price
  • And several strategies to consider for exercising your incentive stock options

Even if you are not fully vested or unable to convert your options to cash currently, there are strategies to protect their shares. We can put together an overall plan for not just your stock options, but how they will integrate into your overall financial strategy.