Six Easy Steps to Your Retirement Lifestyle Plan

  1. Identify all your unique Goals and select the Importance of each.
  2. Identify the resources that will help fund your Goals.
    • Income Sources
    • Investment Assets
    • Savings
    • Other Assets
  3. Determine the balance of Risk and Return that is right for you.
  4. Create your personal Retirement Lifestyle Plan.
  5. Review and discuss your Plan results.
    • See how you’re doing now
    • Determine how to get into your Confidence Zone
  6. Implement your Action Items.
    • Establish the proper savings strategy
    • Implement an appropriate Asset Allocation strategy for your Investment Portfolio


Plan Long-term

The true power of your Retirement Lifestyle Plan doesn’t come from doing it once and forgetting it. Planning is an ongoing process. Your plan must be reviewed and updated at least once a year, and more often if you have significant changes in your Goals. Updating your plan regularly is the best way to put current events in perspective, decide what changes are appropriate, and strengthen your confidence in the future.

Enjoy life today – without giving up your Retirement Dreams.



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