Women and Divorce Financial Planning

Kevin Garrett |

If you’re a woman facing divorce, you have a lot to deal with. It’s an emotional time in your life, and you’ll be faced with important decisions that will having a lasting impact on your life and possibly the lives of those you care about most. These decisions could include custody for your minor children, child support, continuing (or going back to) work, keeping or not keeping the marital home, and whether you should negotiate for more spousal support or more assets. A common thread that ties together many of the decisions you’ll need to address is the short- and long-term financial impact of those decisions on your lifestyle – and your life. While your family law attorney will often be familiar with the financial impact of reaching a divorce settlement, you need to also consider how your life will be impacted for decades to come. While I’m not an attorney and can’t help provide legal advice, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many women and their family law attorneys to reach an equitable financial settlement that considers your goals, what’s most important to you and a comfortable and confident plan to make a life for yourself after divorce. In addition to my divorce financial planning work, I have a network of other professionals who can be invaluable during the process of divorce. My recommendation is to speak with several financial advisors that do financial planning and get comfortable with their philosophies and style before choosing which advisor will fit best with you. This will help you round out your "team" of professionals all working with your best interests in mind.